In The Beginning

This is me:  What I see, what I do.  How I view the world, how I change the images I take to fit my creative need.  That’s what it is, truly:  A need.  There isn’t a day that goes by without me needing to express some deep and persistent part of myself.  Today is my beginning.  I have never blogged before, and it really is a little intimidating.  Well… maybe someone, somewhere out there, will find these photos worth viewing.  #photography, #photographic art, #photo painting, #landscape, #scenic, #sunset, #twilight, #bird, #mountains, #Wyoming, #journal.

SouthFork Sunset in Autumn 2014
SouthFork Sunset in Autumn 2014.  Copyright Lisa Holland-Gillem
In The Beginning

Five Themes for Writers and Readers

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In the past, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite themes for longform enthusiasts and bloggers who just want to write. Today, let’s take a look at five free themes, launched in the past several months, that offer a distraction-free writing and reading experience.


radcliffe readabilityRadcliffe combines bold typography with a clutter-free post layout, as shown above. Ideal for longform writing, the theme works blissfully out of the box for those focused on lots of text. The default headline font Abril Fatface is strong but not overbearing, while the Crimson font for your body text completes this pleasurable reading experience.

Calling out text in various ways also looks fantastic — for example, the blockquote styling is simple but sophisticated:

Radcliffe blockquote

But don’t be fooled by Radcliffe‘s simple design. Your photography has a place here, too: full-width featured images give your posts visual flair, while galleries also look lovely, as seen on Sage and…

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Five Themes for Writers and Readers