Conform: Meaningful Folder Structures

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This is part 4 of a series.  Be sure to check out 01. Organize Your Photos, 02. DAM Foundations and 03. Consolidate.

After consolidating source media on the DAM drives, everything is now in one place. Along the way, it is likely that some duplicate data has been created and some media has been copied that we really do not need. At this point, the DAM drives look something like this:

Establish A Naming Convention

Before cleaning the repository, one must be certain one can make accurate comparisons between folders. To do this, a standard naming convention for folders and files is required.

There is no silver bullet here. There are countless approaches to this problem. Many books have been written on the subject of Digital Asset Management (DAM). Some advocate against any renaming. Some insist that each individual file be renamed. At a minimum, following this guide…

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Conform: Meaningful Folder Structures

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